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The Kushner Brothers

You can't talk about Jared and Price Kushner without also reminiscing about their father, Michael, and not only because Jared is a "Mini Mike" as Price affectionately points out.

You could call Michael a "foodie" but that just barely scratches the surface. He had an obsession with great, homemade food which was an undeniably huge part of Price and Jared's childhood and beyond.

"He would drive 30 miles for pizza when there were 50 pizza places within a mile [of our neighborhood]," Price recalls. "Jay somehow inherited that love of food, that constant search for the perfect meal. Even more so than Dad!"

The brothers grew up in Hollywood, Florida where they frequented places such as Sage Bagel on Hallendale Boulevard and the original Deli Den on Sheridan Street.


"We spent our life at Deli Den which was THE place. Our dad even had a Deli Den credit card! It burned down and then they moved it somewhere else and then it was never the same. It was the best old school deli there was."


Michael wasn't the only one in the family who was passionate about food. The brothers learned a lot about cooking from their mom, Shelley (you'll find her brisket on the lunch menu), and their Grandma Frieda (with whom they credit being the matriarch and driving force of their family) was well-known for her potato latkes among many other classic dishes.

The love of good food is something the Kushner brothers not only remember affectionally about their family and growing up but something they feel is a small part of in the industry today.


"'s not just about eating, it's a kind of departure into something for a brief period of time, and it's little things like that, the little things that make life good," Jay muses when asked what he searches for in the perfect meal or dining experience. 


With their shared passion and history, Jared and Price aim to recreate some of the beautiful aspects of their past: The respect for and appreciation of good food, a quality homemade product, and the love of family.

Jared (left) and Price (right) pictured here with mom, Shelley, in Montreal

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